This “ah-ha” is a concentrated outcome from a Leadership Practitioner™ Learning Circle – a live weekly group learning space where we actively explore how Leadership Practitioners are integrating their learnings in the real contexts of their lives.

The Ah-Ha

We’re constantly learning. When we learn new things, we’re doing them. We know when we’re doing something different (or not), but how do we know when we’ve learned it? By intentionally reflecting on what we do and how we do it, we can see that something has changed. 

By naming it, or by becoming aware of our sensation of what it feels like, perhaps labelled as an “ah-ha”, we now have something “concrete” to refer to and repeat, or viscerally re-experience, as often as we’d like, to solidify the learning. We then, should we be inclined, have an opportunity to build on it.

Reflection questions

Share your thoughts

We’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections about this ah-ha and invite you to join us in the Leadership Practitioner Connection.