This “ah-ha” is a concentrated outcome from a Leadership Practitioner™ Learning Circle – a live weekly group learning space where we actively explore how Leadership Practitioners are integrating their learnings in the real contexts of their lives.

The Ah-Ha

When what we intended doesn’t unfold as expected, the invitation is to reflect on how that intent was informed by our mindset and how we behaved as a result.
When we understand “intent” as the way we aspire to show up for the particular situation, and “mindset” as the values, beliefs and principles that inform how we show up, we can see and choose alternatives.
And we can do that by being in the right mindset to notice our mindset – to notice that there’s a perspective shaping how we’re perceiving.
Pausing to notice how you’re noticing could be one way of building that needed muscle.

Reflection questions

Share your thoughts

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