Any one of us can practice leadership in any context where there are people who want to be the best version of themselves, trusted and supported to do what they need to do in the best way, based on what is known at the time, and learning along the way.

Those who choose to practice leadership choose to behave in such a way, based on the situation at hand, that influences, in big or small ways, people to achieve their desired objectives.

The Leadership Practitioner™ program helps you become more intentional about your practice of leadership, every day and in every interaction. 

Unlike other leadership programs, the Leadership Practitioner™ program focuses on you, not on leadership outside of you, such as developing others, organizational change, and organizational culture.

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Jonathan Rozenblit
Leadership Coach

Marlene Ziobrowski
Leadership Coach

Leadership Practitioner™


The Leadership Practitioner™ Foundations course focuses on exploring the behaviours within you that can enhance your practice of leadership.

You will develop in-depth understanding of 8 leadership practices, know when to apply them in your day-to-day practice of leadership, and walk away from the course having designed your own framework for your personal practice of leadership.

Foundational Learning Modules
Foundational Leadership Practitices
Hours of LIVE Learning

The Leadership Practitioner™ Practitioners Circle is a premium-membership Circle for those for those who would like to enrich their practice of leadership beyond what’s covered in Leadership Practitioner™ Foundations.

When you have a desire to enhance your practice of leadership or to dive deeper into how you create conditions for you to be the best version of yourself, working one-on-one with a coach can help. 

Together with your coach,  you will create the conditions for yourself to:



Starting from your completion of the Leadership Practitioner™ Foundations course, you’re on your way to unlocking these practitioner badges. Each one is a waypoint on your Leadership Practitioner™ path; a little boost for your ongoing efforts towards growing in your practice of leadership.


You’ve set out on your journey – you’ve completed the Leadership Practitioner™ Foundations course.


You’ve begun to transform knowledge into practice. You’ve demonstrated use of at least three of the leadership practices from the Leadership Foundations course in your day-to-day practice of leadership.

Practitioner Badge


You’re developing mastery in your practice of leadership. You’ve demonstrated use of multiple concurrent leadership practices from the Leadership Foundations in your day-to-day practice of leadership.