Approach Feedback Differently: How to Create Conditions for Learning and Improvement

All of us have likely been in situations where we’ve felt driven to give feedback, have been told to give feedback, and/or have dreaded receiving feedback because of the implicit or explicit equating of “feedback” to “instructions.” This course sets that unfortunate equation aside and invites you to look at feedback differently.

This course equips you with the leadership practices you need so that you and others around you can be in a headspace that enables taking in the information contained in feedback. Now, you’ll understand “feedback” as creating the conditions for people to show up as the best versions of themselves. In this way, this course will help you use feedback in meaningful and effective ways, enabling learning and growing as a result.

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Course Outline

MODULE 1: An Invitation to Approach Feedback Differently
MODULE 2: Create the conditions within yourself for “feedback” to be meaningful
MODULE 3: Ask for Feedback
MODULE 4: Receive Feedback
MODULE 5: Give Feedback