Inner practices

In Practicing Leadership Today, you began your shift to practicing modern leadership by learning about the Leadership Practitioner Framework and  identifying how you might use the framework to show up as a leader who creates a context where people can be the best versions of themselves, trusted and supported to do what they need to do in the best way, based on what is known at the time, experimenting and learning along the way, continuously.

Now, you’ll learn how to apply the framework through a starter pack of tools that focus on the person who will help you the most: you.

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Self-Paced Virtual Course

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Course Outline

Recognize and interpret the effects of mindset on behaviours and outcomes.


    • Test Your Mindset
    • About Mindsets
    • Explore Mindset Shifts
    • Mindset Informs Behaviours
    • Shift Your Mindset

Form intentional self-reflexive habits that enable continuous shifts in mindset.


    • The Parable of the Hole in the Road
    • Self-Reflection as a Habit
    • About “Continuous”
    • Flex Your Self-Reflection Habit

Become aware of who you want to be and how you want to interact with others.


    • Imagine a Particular Future
    • About Intention
    • Goals and Intentions
    • Formulate Intentions
    • Imagine a Particular Future with Intention
    • Show Up with Intention
    • Put Intention in Your Pocket

Explore how you see things and how you might best respond.


    • Uncover Your Reaction Patterns
    • The Space Between
    • Automatic Thinking
    • Transform ANTS to PETS