Outer Practices

In Practicing Leadership Today, you began your shift to practicing modern leadership by learning about the Leadership Practitioner™ Framework and identifying how you might use the framework to show up as a leader who creates a context where people can be the best versions of themselves, trusted and supported to do what they need to do in the best way, based on what is known at the time, experimenting and learning along the way, continuously.

In Inner Practices, you learned how to apply the framework through focus on showing up as the best version of yourself. 

Now, in Outer Practices, you’ll explore the practices that can enable you to create a context for those around you to be the best versions of themselves.

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Course Outline

Build an intentional approach to relationships where you can be more influential.


    • Exercise: Connect Outward
    • The Basis of Connection
    • Unconscious  to Conscious Connection
    • Direct Connection Co-Creation
    • Indirect Connection Co-Creation
    • Challenge: Co-Create Connection

Practice curious navigation of conversations and challenges, avoiding making assumptions or jumping to conclusions.


    • Exercise: Tell Your Curiosity Story
    • Curious Exploration
    • Listening with Intention
    • Speaking with Open Questions
    • Challenge: Be Curious, Stay Curious in Conversation

Practice communicating information in a way that creates a context for expansive and creatively charged explorations.


    • Exercise: Cooperation, Collaboration, Co-Creation
    • Enabling Co-Creation When Communicating
    • The Language of Possibility
    • Challenge: Use the Language of Possibility

Practice communicating information in a way that creates a context for expansive and creatively charged explorations.


    • Exercise: When You Have an Experimenter’s Mindset
    • Experimenter’s Mindset and the Leadership Practitioner™
    • The Language of Experimentation
    • Formulating an Experiment
    • Challenge: Use the Language of Experimentation

Practice influencing others through connection-based motivation.


    • Exercise: Influence and the Leadership Practitioner™
    • Exercise: Plan to Influence
    • Influencing Through Connection-based Motivation
    • Ways to Think About Increasing Connection-based Motivation
    • Influencing as a Leadership Practitioner™
    • Exercise: Discover the Impact of Connection-based Motivation
    • Challenge: Refine the Plan (and Do It)


    • Practice Makes Permanent
    • Final Reflection
    • Wrap Up