Practicing Leadership Today

Modern organizations have discovered, through necessity, that a leader is someone who creates a context where people can be the best versions of themselves, trusted and supported to do what they need to do in the best way, based on what is known at the time, experimenting and learning along the way, continuously.

In this course, you’ll explore how the problems that today’s organizations are trying to solve have evolved and how that evolution now invites the modern worker (employee, contractor, entrepreneur, manager… no matter the title) to be that kind of leader.

This course guides you on how to begin your shift to lead in this way.

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Course Outline

Understand the meaning of the four terms that are critical to this course – “leader”, “practicing leadership”, “showing up”, and “organization”


    • Exercise: Define the four critical terms
    • Defining “Leader”
    • Defining “Practicing Leadership”
    • Defining “Showing Up”
    • Defining “Organization”

Differentiate between traditional and modern practices of leadership that create a context for individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive.


    • Today’s Problems
    • Traditional and Modern Leadership Practices
    • Key Areas of Leadership
    • Exercise: Define the 8 Key Areas of Leadership
    • Debrief the 8 Key Areas of Leadership
    • Exercise: Establish Your Leadership Baseline

Examine foundational traits found among those who practice modern leadership.


    • Exercise: Paint a Mental Picture
    • Traits of a Modern Leader
    • Exercise: Adjust Your Mental Picture
    • Exercise: Hone Your Leadership Growth
    • Why Show Up?

Recognize the inner and outer practices of showing up as a modern leader and their value to your practice of leadership.


    • Introduction to the Leadership Practitioner Framework™
    • Shifting Your Mindset
    • Enabling Learning and Improvement
    • Showing Up with Intention
    • Responding vs. Reacting
    • Connecting and Empathizing with Others
    • Exploring Curiously
    • Sharing Information
    • Influencing

Understand what “influence” is and is not to modern leaders.


    • Influence Is Not What You Think It Is
    • Influence as an Outcome


    • Practice Makes Permanent
    • The Learning Boost: Practice with Intention
    • Exercise: Reflection

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