Leadership Practitioner: Foundations

In the past, traditional leadership focused on position, centralized authority and top-down communication, but today, leadership looks and feels different. Today’s leaders look and feel different.

Today’s leaders, regardless of title, require the skills to create the right environment for others to be their best,  do their best and bring their best.

Is this how you see yourself practicing leadership?

It can take an entire career for someone to accumulate enough experiences and confidence to be able to create those kinds environments intentionally.

In the pace of today’s workplace, you don’t have that kind of time.

That’s where the Leadership Practitioner program comes in.

The Leadership Practitioner program is designed to accelerate your journey from leading instinctively to leading intentionally through live group coaching sessions, guided self-reflection, and personalized coaching.

You won’t get a step-by-step plan, but a facilitated, personalized, self-discovery journey culminating in a practice of leadership that is unique to you.

And, you’ll embark on this journey with other leaders who are discovering, testing and evaluating their own practice of leadership, so you’re in good company along the way.

Through the lens of the Leadership Practitioner Framework, 8 proven leadership practices distilled from thousands of leadership coaching hours, you’ll wrestle through leadership topics and emerge with the clarity and confidence to lead in today’s organizations.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

The Leadership Practitioner program will guide you through 3 steps:


Discover what it takes to lead with intentionality in today’s world


Develop a practice of leadership that is unique to you


Fine-tune your leadership practice through experimentation and support

By the end of this journey you will…

And with your dedicated coach, you will…

This program is for you if...

You aspire to create environments where people can be their best, bring their best, and do their best

You want to cultivate leadership skills most effective in today’s organizations

You want a starter toolkit to accelerate doing so

Enrollment Options





Everything in ENHANCED plus:

Prices are shown in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Enrollment fee will be due upon application review and approval.
¹ Access to the Practitioners Circle premium membership is included from the date of registration to the date of the last class. This duration refers to the time from the last class onwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The next Leadership Practitioner cohort will run on Tuesdays from 5:30pm to 7:00pm ET from Tuesday, September 10, 2024 to Tuesday, December 17, 2024.

Learning sessions are 90 minutes every week. We also recommend budgeting 30-60 minutes each week to reflect on what has been learned, to complete worksheets, and to participate in online conversations. 

Implementation Mastery sessions, or as we like to call them Practitioner Circles, are LIVE group sessions where we explore situations and topics where, as a Leadership Practitioner, practicing leadership in any context and in any organization, you are curious about how you can grow and deepen your practice of leadership.

The Practitioner Circles are opportunities to:

    • Expand your understanding of how leadership is practiced by hearing how others practice leadership
    • Get different perspectives on questions and challenges that you bring

Absolutely! Session recordings and transcripts (excluding the Implementation Mastery sessions) are available within 24 hours of the session end.

In order to receive your certificate, you'll need to:

    • Attend or watch all learning sessions
    • Answer a few follow up questions per learning session
    • Complete and submit the capstone project 

The latest to complete all of the above is 1 month after the last session.

Upon successfully completing all of the requirements, you'll receive your Leadership Practitioner certificate.

Upon successfully completing all of the completion requirements, you'll receive a Leadership Practitioner Certificate.

There are no prerequisites for joining this program.

All we ask is that you are:

    • Someone who aspires to create environments where people can be the best version of themselves and do their best work
    • Someone who wants to cultivate leadership skills most effective in today's organizations

This program is a two-way street. Your results are dependent on your investment of time during the program.

Our guarantee is that we will support you at each step along this 15-week leadership journey and provide you with the tools, resources and conversations to help you grow faster.

You invest the time and effort and we promise to support you at each step.

Our commitment is to your continued growth and transformation.

So far, 100% of attendees said they would recommend this course and the Leadership Practitioner™ program to a friend. We are confident that you will receive outstanding value too. Nonetheless, If, for any reason, you would like to leave the program during the first 30 days, we will refund your payment in full.